National Self-Represented Litigants Project

The National Self Represented Litigants Project (NSRLP) has been working hard to get PUBLIC voices into the debate over Justice Bonkalo's recommendations on family legal services. In a nutshell, these propose that paralegals should be licensed to work on some family cases (they are presently prohibited from taking family cases, despite the desperate need of family litigants for assistance). Paralegals cost around $80 an hour, as opposed to $350+ for a lawyer. Lawyers are of course unaffordable now for most Ontarians. Paralegals are perfectly competent to do many of the legal tasks associated with a family case, but for many years, the Family Bar has blocked them from being able to do these cases.

The legal establishment is throwing everything into rejecting the Bonkalo recommendations. We are trying to get the many thousands of Ontarians for whom we know paralegals would offer an affordable option to speak up.

To this end we have a petition which we have been working on circulating as widely as possible for the NSRLP. We do know that the Ontario Attorney General is at least considering overruling the Bar if they reject these ideas - but he needs to be able to show public support to do that, of course.
If you would please take a moment to sign the petition to show your support, and forward it to any others who you think might in support of the idea.


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