April 2014

Sun, Apr 20th 2014, 16:59

Getting Involved in Effective Civic Engagement

Wikipedia defines ‘Civic engagement’ or ‘civic participation’ as "Individual and collective actions designed to identify and address issues of public concern."It can also be summarized as a means of working together to make a difference in the civil life of our communities and developing the combination of skills, knowledge, values, and motivation in order to make that difference.”


The Power of Education to Enrich and Uplift

I have decided finally, to upgrade my education like a lightning bolt!

My decisions in the past were deeply affected by raising two children with hidden disabilities, and one with full blown disabilities - principally "Autism".


Observations on the 'Trial' of Kathleen Wynne

Having travelled to 23 Community Hearings in Ontario and having asked for the following question to be answered: ‘Do the changes of social assistance the Premier Wynne has introduced put food in the budget of people who are poor in Ontario?


Improving the Accessibility of Rental Apartments

Could private landlords and property management companies be encouraged to get "ahead of the curve" and address minor barriers to accessibility now, using simple, low-cost, effective solutions (where feasible)?


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