VFCH Tones of December 2013

Sat, Dec 28th 2013, 21:31

Equal in Inequity: Health Dept. Health Inequities Report

Health Department takes Action on Health Inequities in Halton

... Also known as the "Social Determinants of Health".

Through the language of 'Lived experience', Voices for Change Halton was able to communicate with the Health Department about living with less and experiencing confinement with respect to achieving basic necessities.  This is one and the same with respect to empowerment and creating fair opportunity, to be Yourself.

Here is an internal link to the Health Department Report, released more than a month ago ...

Short Stories, Poetry & Dialogue on Transit/Accessibility

Voices for Change actively engages the community and its leaders in ongoing conversations regarding accessible and affordable transit options in Halton Region.

This Winter Season, Marie with Diane breakdown and convey relevant and important experiences about transit, transit barriers and winter safety hazards; also, with respect to disability and accessibility issues.

To read the presented conversation ...

National Housing Day 2013, Past & Present & Future

This work of writing was done by a first-wave grassroots member of VFCH.

The writing serves as both a personal letter and Thanks to the Organizations and Representatives of the 2013 National Housing Day in Halton Region from November 22, 2-13; as well as a demonstration and offering of “taking notes” to convey an accurate and with invested interest. by  Joan

"I have chosen to note a few points".

There are Voices for Change members with expert Lived Experience with Poverty:

  • who lack of affordable housing and require compromising ways to manage;

  • included with this, are disabilities, chronic illnesses etc

  • who wish to live independently and affordably

  • who are available to assist to provide solutions.

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Supporting Initiatives to the End

Cathy. 'Reflections from Supporting Initiatives'

As 2013 comes to a close, I thought it a good idea to reflect on a few of the initiatives that Voices for Change Halton members are supporting by attending and participating in workshops, forums and protest.

Read More about current developments ...

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