October 2013 to Housing

Mon, Oct 28th 2013, 22:28

Oct. 11 Campaign to Raise Minimum Wage Action Day

The theme for this Action Day was Look Whose Putting Food on our Tables. (including pictures)

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Charity to Justice to Justice to Charity

A Reflection and Story of Lived Experience from Joan, titled:

The Need for Housing with Rent Geared to all Income Levels so that no more than 30% is required for Rent

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Voices for Change Halton - Second Annual Report 2012-2013

Just in case and because visiting a website to check-in is not always fresh in our minds; here is a link to the Voices for Change Halton Second Annual Report.   It highlights the Group's activities between April 2012 through to June 2013.

The report summarizes civic engagement for policy reform in the areas of health, public transportation and housing including interaction with local MPPs on the Social Assistance Review.

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Being less austere about Austerity

What is Austerity?  The Collins Essential Canadian English Dictionary & Thesaurus states: austere describes 1 stern or severe. 2 ascetic or self-disciplined. 3 severely simple or plain.

What does that mean? Barb S. uses Lived Experience, the Internet and a 'The Report of the Ontario Common Front' August 29, 2012 to make sense of a single word and what it could be meaning for us as a Grassroots organization in terms of finance and politics.

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We do not accept poverty as an inevitable feature of society

Follow the work of the Voices for Change movement as we attend rallies, workshops, and conferences and create powerful awareness about anti-poverty progress in the Halton region.