Growing the Group (Summer 2013)

Wed, Aug 28th 2013, 13:05

VFCH 2nd Anniversary Open House

VFCH members worked together to create a way of writing a short collaborative story about the Open House, hosted by us on July 25, 2013.  We prepared a potluck/pizza lunch and had fun using games and shared stories about lived experience in Poverty.

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Let us hear your Voice

A fresh perspective, written by a new and active member to Voices for Change Halton who:

... attended the Halton Tenant School in Burlington October 31, 2013; which was presented by the Halton Community Legal Services.  Being there I sensed the need for advocacy.

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For Growing the Group and Finding One

A continuing members story and reflection about change, family, education and hope:

... Thinking back upon the way I spent my time; a lot of people that I spent time with belonged to the same extracurricular activities to which I belonged for all of my time in those schools.

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Campaign to Raise the Minimum wage

The minimum wage has been frozen for 3 years at $10.25 per hour, yet while the minimum wage has stayed at $10.25 per hour, food rent, and transit costs have soared.

...The first action day was August 14 (Raise the Minimum wage Campaign) and will continue on the 14th of every month till Christmas.

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