March 2013

Fri, Mar 29th 2013, 21:46

Challenging Stereotypes

Voices for Change recently participated in a focused conversation with a group of staff from Halton Region Health Department providing feedback on how poverty impacts in many areas of health care delivery in the region.  The Health Dept. is working to improve the delivery of services and to train all of their staff to better recognize and identify specific challenges that people living in poverty face when it comes to health care services.


Melt The Freeze!

Few realize that minimum wage has been frozen in Ontario since March 2010; that inflation has driven minimum wage earners 19% below the poverty line; that Ontario has the second highest number of minimum and low-wage earners in Canada; that the fastest growing job area is in the service sector where minimum wages rates are the highest rate paid; that the trend is for employers to only give 20 hours a week to avoid paying benefits; that the Social Assistance Review is still just words.


ETFO Grant Awarded to Voices for Change

Voices for Change-Halton was recently awarded a $1000 grant by the Elementary Teachers federation of Ontario.  Marg Macfarlane, President of the ETFO Halton Local, presented the cheque to the group at a steering committee meeting in Burlington.  Voices co-chair, Cathy, thanked the teachers for the community recognition and support.


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