January 2013

Tue, Feb 5th 2013, 17:24

Working Together for Justice and Peace, Charity and Advocacy

Joan T., Voices for Change Halton

When many persons of like mind come together, a wonderful day can be shared. How much could be accomplished if we share a goal and more people come together? What I learned for our work in Halton is to choose a goal to benefit many and invite as many as possible to join forces to make it happen.

An opportunity to do this occurred at the Mothers’ Union Niagara (partner group with Voices for Change) retreat in November 2012. The shared goal was to move beyond a charity model of care and explore how we can seek justice together using the Biblical parable of the Persistent Widow (Luke 18: 1-8) as a starting point for our discussions and reflections.


Mothers' Union Niagara Voices for Change Halton 2012 Fall Retreat


Voices for Change Halton Website Launch

Welcome to the first edition of the Voices for Change-Halton newsletter!

In December 2012, the world got a little bigger for the members of Voices for Change – Halton.  With funding from the Halton Region Community Investment Fund and support from Halton Community Legal Services and the Dunham Group, our grass roots advocacy group launched its website.



Halton Tenant School

‘people are people, hunger and housing are (issues for) all.’

Cathy Stokes – Voices for Change member

HaltonTenantSchool was a six month education programme for low income tenants in Halton Region. The goal was to have 100 low income tenants attend a no cost one day public legal education workshop providing legal information on evictions, repairs, rent increases, rent calculations in subsidized housing, and Human Rights in housing. This education programme was also designed to provide basic training in tenant organizing.


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We do not accept poverty as an inevitable feature of society

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