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Please ask the leaders of the main political parties this question on behalf of the 400,000 people who go to food banks in Ontario every month.

The Ontario Election Leaders’ debate is being broadcast live by a consortium of broadcasters on Tuesday, June 3, from 6:30PM to 8PM. The consortium includes CBC, CTV, Global, and TVO. The debate will be held at the CBC Broadcast Centre in Toronto.

Several networks are currently collecting questions for the debate; some of those who submit questions will be contacted to have their questions recorded in advance and presented to the candidates during the debate.

Please join us in submitting this question to the broadcasters   “How much money per month do you think a single person on social assistance needs to live a life of health and dignity – and what is your party’s position on raising social assistance to that level to put food in the budget?”

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Supporting Initiatives and seeing it through, Cathy

As 2013 comes to a close, I thought it a good idea to reflect on a few of the initiatives that Voices for Change Halton members are supporting by attending and participating in workshops, forums and protest.

For the past five months we have participated in and supported Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage.    I and another group member began attending workshops and strategy meetings for Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage in Toronto; it fueled a passion for me and other VFCH members.

We started to organize protest in our own community.  Our first protest day was August 14 and we organized creatively and have since demonstrated protest for each 14th of the month since then. 

It has been an experience, in that we were bringing raising the minimum wage to light here in Burlington.  By supporting raising the minimum wage as a group, we are being true to our name; using our voices to join other communities in Ontario in the fight to raise the minimum wage from $10.25 an hour to $14.00

Voices for Change are also supporting Put Food in the Budget.  This campaign is about giving social service recipients $100.00 more a month.  Our group Facilitator is connected to both PFIB and Poor persons Inquiry and has conveyed information from related workshops. Health, nutrition and food accessibility are part of this.

Put Food In The Budget are holding Poor Persons Inquiry all over Ontario. The focus is holding Kathleen Wynn accountable for not following her statement that she will be the Social Justice Premier . A formal Trial is a strong possibility once the Public Inquiry process has completed from Municipalities, across the Province.

A link to the online ballot can be obtained here ...


'Stitching our own Social Safety Net'


Stitching our own safety netThe social safety net is fast unraveling in Ontario with recent massive cuts to almost every social program; health, housing, social services, education, daycare, etc.  Ontarians who live in poverty, along with those who stand in solidarity with them, are taking action to create a vision for a social safety net.  As our new Premier, Ms. Wynn, takes office and with the possibility of a provincial election, we have a real opportunity to ensure our issues receive attention.  We will stitch our own safety net to show the Ontario Government how it should be done!


1.  Sew, stitch, crochet, knit or weave a basic square or rectangle and send it to us!  You can also sen any scrap of material you have.  We will stitch together everything we receive to create the body of the social safety net.

2.  Using any art materials you have, you (or your group) can create a 2-dimensional artistic representation fo the part of the social safety net that you are most concerned about.  For example a house could represent housing or some toys could represent daycare.

Maximum dimension: 2 feet X 2 feet   

NOTE!! Deadline Extended:  May 31, 2013

3.  Invite us to your community organization or group to do an 'Art 'n Action' workshop.  We will help paticipants learn more about the social safety net and identify what issues are most important to them. We will also create squares for the social safety net.

4.  Endorse our campaign!  The message is simple;  the social safety net is being eroded and we want to inspire politicians to help preserve it.

For submission details go to

CONTACT:  Naomi Berlyne  416-516-1422  ext.250

To see samples of the over 150 squares already submitted go to:


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