Voices for Change Halton - Second Annual Report 2012-2013

Voices for Change Halton is pleased to present their 2nd Annual report which highlights their activities from April 2012 thru to June 2013.  The report summarizes civic engagement for policy reform in the areas of health, public transportation and housing including interaction with local MPP's on the Social Assistance Review.  The formation of a Speakers Bureau provides poverty awareness, in a personal way, to the community.  The report features links to media coverage as well as final data on the successful Tenant School series late in 2012.

The report is in a downloadable Adobe format.  Please forward and share! 

Voices for Change Halton 2nd Annual Report


Campaign to Raise the Minimum wage

The minimum wage has been frozen for 3 years at $10.25 per hour, yet while the minimum wage has stayed at $10.25 per hour, food rent, and transit costs have soared. Raise the Minimum wage campaign want the hourly rate raised to $14.00 per hour which will put the wage 10% over the poverty line. This raise should bring workers and their families out of poverty. The fastest growing industry in Ontario is in the service sector, where the minimum wage workers are the highest. Some of the largest companies in Ontario have increased their profits while their employees struggle to make ends meet. There are wage earners that work 2 sometimes 3 part time jobs to support their families. Along with part time work comes no benefits, no medical protection for single people or families.

Communities have come together province wide to support Raise the Minimum wage.

For more info contact raisetheminimumwage@gmail.com or 416 531-0778 ext 221

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We do not accept poverty as an inevitable feature of society

Follow the work of the Voices for Change movement as we attend rallies, workshops, and conferences and create powerful awareness about anti-poverty progress in the Halton region.