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Charity to Justice Workshop GuideWorking Together for Justice & Peace, Charity & Advocacy: A Guide for Discussion and Reflection (PDF)

This workshop guide was developed by a working group of members from the Niagara Mothers’ Union, Voices for Change Halton, ISARC and a social justice intern from Halton Community Legal Services for the Mothers’ Union annual retreat in November 2012.

Led by ISARC`s Executive Director, Michael Skaljin, the workshop (launched at the annual Mothers` Union fall retreat weekend-2012) is based on the parable of the Persistent Widow (Luke 18). The methodology of this workshop is based on community development principles and is inclusive. The workshop is not only about justice but is a form of justice. It facilitates encounters between those who have historically been marginalized in and excluded from our communities due to poverty and those who come from a background of a charity model of care.

Charity to Justice Workshop

In 2011, the Niagara Mothers’ Union responded to a request from Halton Community Legal Services to help support Voices for Change. This has led to an ongoing partnership between Voices and the MU.

As the relationship has deepened, more opportunities to collaborate arose. In the fall of 2012, the two groups partnered with ISARC to develop a workshop to explore how those who experience injustice and those whose background is in performing acts of charity can work together to build a just society.

ISARC represents the solidarity of the diverse faith communities in Ontario engaged in advocacy efforts for the elimination of poverty. ISARC is listening to the needs of people living in challenging economic and social times and helping faith communities to join the problem-solving process with other organizations. Community development is foundational to the approach of ISARC’s projects and activities to ensure sustainable, moral and ethical solutions to the systemic issues of poverty, exclusion and marginalization in our province.

The Niagara MU is a local chapter of Mothers` Union Canada part of a worldwide Christian organization developing a just world through loving, respectful and flourishing relationships. Members of the Niagara Mothers’ Union organize local programs and services to meet community social needs.

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