Who We Are

Poverty is not an inevitable feature of our society

Voices for Change Halton is a grass roots organization whose intentions are simple. We believe in the end of poverty. We believe that shelter, food and dignity are human rights. We believe that poverty in Halton can be eradicated through education, advocacy and activism, working in solidarity with active community partnerships.

We are making a difference, holding the government accountable for its struggling citizens and exposing the unacknowledged truth that there are people living in poverty in Halton. 

Our group formed in 2011 supported by Halton Community Legal Services through a grant from the Atkinson Charitable Foundation to build a community based strategy for civic engagement by people with lived experience of poverty in poverty elimination activities. 

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We do not accept poverty as an inevitable feature of society

Follow the work of the Voices for Change movement as we attend rallies, workshops, and conferences and create powerful awareness about anti-poverty progress in the Halton region.